1. Mac 217 blending brush: Love, love, love, this brush for everything! I use it for everything from concealer to eyeshadow. It is great because it is a soft and “loose” brush so the application is seamless and dummy-proof.


2. Bdellium Compact Blending brush: This is going to apply more color to your lid. The dome shape on the brush allows you to easily create a contour or defined crease on the lid. I love to use this to apply color to the eye when I am creating a smokey eye and I then blend with the Mac 2173.3. Bobbi Brown Angled Brush: This brush is good to create an angled crease within the eye socket, especially for contouring the eye4. Bdellium 760 Smudge Brush: Use this brush to smudge and blend eyeshadow or eyeliner5. MAC Large Shader 252: I use this brush to put shadow bases {a cream to powder product} on the eye

6. Illamasqua Blending Brush 1: A great synthetic blending brush for a seamless color transition

7. Mark allover eyeshadow brush : I would use this brush for sweeping natural ‘bone’ colors across the eye {skin toned shadows}. This brush also applies a lot of color at once, making it a quick application

8. MAC 242 Small Shader: To be honest, I love this brush, however, I tend to use it to apply lip-products! You can use this brush for cream eye products beneath your bottom lash line.9. Edward Bess Luxury Eyebrush: I use this brush with the dome shape to create a flawless concealer application or to blend an eyeshadow product seamlessly

10. Bobbi Brown Ultrafine Eyeliner Brush: This brush makes lining between your lashes easy! This can be used to create a fuller lash look

11. Makeup Forever #274 Eyebrow Brush: Apply a powder shadow to create the shape of the brow, and use the wand to blend the color seamlessly

12. Laura Mercier Flat Eyeliner Brush: This brush makes it easy to create a dense and tight line along the lash-line

13. Laura Mercier Angled : This brush moves with the  shape of your lash-line, up and over the  eyelashes. Use for eyeliner application.

14. Louise Young Superfine Liner Brush: This brush is excellent for reaching the tight corner of your tear duct on. You are able to create a seamless line effortlessly.

15. Sephora Pro Smudge Brush #11: Because the tip is small, it is easy to pack the shadow into the lid. If you’d like more color pay off, use this brush as opposed to our #4 selection brush listed above.

16. Stila Eye 20 Enhancer: I like this brush because it is a two in one brush. The angled end is for applying color from outer edge of your eye socket {the part of your eyelid closest to your hairline}, the other end is for applying eyeliner or eyeshadow as an eyeliner.